December 17, 2017 – Full Access to God

Pray Without Ceasing


I have to remind my self as much as I remind others: when Jesus died and rose again, along with forgiveness of sins, and peace with God…He afforded me unrestricted access to the throne of God. I can talk to my heavenly Father any time I want. In the Old Testament priests could come to God only during sacrifice and after making themselves CLEAN. Do I take advantage of that? Do I pray like someone with 24/7 access to unlimited power and wisdom? Or do I pray like a priest, who isn’t clean, and only at certain times and on certain days?

The Bible tells us that we can “come boldly to the throne of grace”, but let me say also, we don’t have to leave the throne.
We can keep an open dialogue with our Father in heaven, He cares for us.
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